Eco Wall Coverings – A Green Way to Beautiful Interiors

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If we wish to keep our interiors well-groomed and up to date, then we should be very vigilant about latest interior designs. By virtue of truth it is a fact that we are a significant contributor in degrading the charm of nature. Unknowingly, we are in our interior designing processes damaging our planet. Conventional lead paints contain toxic syrups and pesticides and other solvents, which emit harmful particles in air. And as more and more housing designs are coming into existence, the content of these particles is increasing in air. As a result, prevalent diseases like asthma, lung cancer and other ailments are catching our nearest and dearest ones.

What can you do to tackle this?

Eco friendly paints can be the best solution to these menaces, as they are made from natural products, like milk, water, plants or soy and contain negligible toxins as compared to conventional paint. As a result, eco friendly paints do not lead in making people prone to breathing problems, so these are ideal for decorating your home’s interior decor. We also enjoy the advantage of getting rid of disposal threats as these paints are organically manufactured, so can be easily poured away anywhere without contaminating earth. Better option can be going in for eco wallpapers. In fact, these are gaining popularity at a rapid pace and they also ensure features like being biodegradable, usage of eco pastes, which do not exhibit any side effects. Typically, these wallpapers are made from paper that is fabricated from renewable sources, thereby offering natural shades to your room interior.

Usage of bamboo for wall coverings is another great green way of covering walls and it also adds up an exquisite blend of aesthetics and texture to the walls. Bamboo is a good substitute to timber, as it regenerates within 3- 5 years as compared to timber, which takes a long time to regenerate, so it can be used without any threat to the environment. If you need to incorporate unique and classy looks to your home sweet home, then also bamboo coverings are a suitable option. These are hand woven and are fixed with paper jamming in background so as to provide a flat and uniform appearance to the walls. A sagacious toning of smart lighting conditions with such wall coverings can give your home a great vista look, that too without any compromise with environmental conditions.

Cork for wall coverings can be another viable and smart option. Cork is extracted from the bark of oak tree, which grows exclusively in Mediterranean and nearby coastal regions. Now you may object that it may be a natural threat to cut such trees? Well, the solution to this query is that these things are actually extracted from the bark, so only the outer bark is taken away rather than harming the whole tree. This material offers a soft, velvety texture and makes it a beautiful material for decorating the walls in your house.

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