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What to Expect From House Painting

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If you’re taking the major step of repainting your house, congratulate yourself on making a decision that will improve your quality of life and the value of your home. The way your exterior looks makes the first impression, and you want to put your best face forward with a well-painted house. When selecting painters, there are plenty of contractors to choose from, so keep a few tips in mind when looking for the right people for the job. You should also familiarize yourself with the painting process and know how to prepare your home and family for house painting.

Shop Around

No two contractors are exactly alike, although you may be so overwhelmed with promotional material from professionals, that you may not be sure how to narrow down the field. Look for contractors who live close to you, are certified and have positive reviews. Browse the internet for feedback from customers to see if the contractor has the service you need. Homeowners have different priorities when it comes to what kind of contractors provide the best painting service. Some emphasize weatherproofing while others are known for the speed of service. Think about what matters to you in a house painter and find a contractor that matches your requirements.

Meeting with the Contractor

A quality contractor should give you a free quote after discussing the job in detail. Your contractor should be friendly, courteous, and ask in-depth questions concerning your home and the kind of paint job you are looking for. He or she will describe every step of the job start to finish and answer any questions you have. Ask the contractor about what kind of materials the company uses and request a copy of the warranty, which you should read from beginning to end. You should also make sure that all of the workers on site are fully insured in case something unexpected happens during the job.

The Painting Process

When you select painting professionals in Arizona, you should be aware of what to expect in the actual process of painting your home. The contractors should do a thorough preparation to ensure that the paint adheres to a clean, smooth surface. They will lay down plastic covering over plants and part of the lawn to prevent paint splotches from spoiling your greenery.

The paint that is already on the home should be completely removed. Methods contractors use vary, but a combination of applying chemicals, scraping and power washing is effective in getting paint off quickly. Once the paint has been removed, the contractors will take off sections of rotted wood, repair cracks and make sure the surface is smooth. Finally, the contractors will apply the paint. The number of coats they use will vary according to the type of paint. When the job is finished, you will have a beautiful new exterior that you can be proud of.

Painting a home is a job that many homeowners put off because they are worried about the hassle involved, but knowing what to expect is half the battle and can make the process easier for you and for the contractor. Once you have painted your home with expert contractors and quality materials, you do not need to paint your home again for many years. Call your contractor if you are dissatisfied with the job and have them fix problems according to the warranty.

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