How to Choose Bedroom Rugs?

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Bedroom rugs are an implausible way to perk up your room interior and make over the contemporary bedroom decor. Some people may find this aspect quite daunting, but if you are really looking for an alternative that can work great with your limited budget, then rugs can be an optimal choice. These days, markets are flooded with runners, carpets, rugs and other designs that can actually titivate your small space and convert it into a suite.

Oriental Rugs

Most people with a rich taste go in for oriental rugs. Now, whenever it is about oriental designs, hand knotted carpets come into picture. These options use a fine fiber with a latex backing which ensures safety for over fifty years and even more. The potential investment value and durability of oriental rugs is far more than any other option and most importantly, they make your shopping experience worth.

If you choose to buy oriental carpets for your bedroom, the regular trend demands you to place these rugs at the foot of bed along with two runners alongside the bed. Though this is not a hard and fast rule, but can be applied for any medium sized bedroom.

What’s More?

Though there are umpteen options on the list, but to name a few, silk can be a good choice. Silk carpets with cotton base and floral themes are preferred a lot, especially if you wish to add a sense of sophistication to your bedroom decor and its ambiance.

If the climatic condition in your geographic area is freezing, then wool rugs can also be an optimum choice. These are naturally superior to synthetic carpets, create a healthy environment, save energy, are fire resistant and can be easily cleaned. In addition to this, wool rugs are available in handmade options, from where you can choose plenty of designs to suit your individual preferences. You can select an energetic color to add more warmth and comfort.

A good replacement to wool can be sisal. These rugs are usually monochromatic and reflect the light in room, thereby giving a soothing touch to the ambiance. You can opt for a sisal carpet with a contrasting border to add more classiness to your interior decor. So, next time you go out for shopping, make sure you choose your bedroom rugs wisely.

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