Improving your kitchen

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Transform your kitchen with small changes
If you’ve been put off renovating your tired and dated kitchen because of fears that any improvements would break the bank it’s time to bite the bullet. Or rather, bite the bullet and spit it back out – there are plenty of ways to give your kitchen an upgrade without taking out a second mortgage. There’s no guarantee that your food will taste any better, but you should at least enjoy cooking more.

Start with a blank canvas

Take a look at the things on your countertop – how many of them do you use on a daily basis? While you might use the kettle and toaster daily you definitely don’t make smoothies every day. Be ruthless, and put all non-essential items into cupboards.

Now that your space is less cluttered it will already look much better, but since you have some extra room you can make the most of it to improve the look of your kitchen. A vase of fresh flowers or a delicious looking fruit bowl could do the trick, but do make sure that you restrain yourself before you end up with another cluttered mess.

Colour the canvas

A couple of buckets of paint won’t cost you much but they’ll certainly make your kitchen look different. You also might be able to spruce up your cabinet doors with a lick of paint. As always, make sure you’re using the right types of paint and paintbrushes or your kitchen makeover will look amateur.

Tile selectively

You might not have enough money to rip up the floor and lay down a set of stylish natural stone tiles, but there’s no reason you can’t use some tiles to make a nice backsplash behind your cooker. Topps Tiles is just one provider that offers sample tiles so that you can be confident before placing a bigger order.

If you’ve decided to repaint your walls with a neutral tone you can use a few vividly coloured tiles to create a stunning contrast that will give your kitchen a highly stylised appearance.

Replace your appliances

You don’t necessarily have to spend hundreds of pounds on a new fridge-freezer. Instead you could just replace your kettle with something snazzier. Likewise, if you have containers you use for your tea, coffee and sugar why not find some new ones that will complement the colours used in your new backsplash? Small changes can add up to make a massive difference.

Use your walls

If you have free wall space away from water and heat it could be time to make use of it. Framed pictures or photographs can quickly add character to the kitchen, while if you want to add space and light to the room think about hanging a mirror.

Bin any dishrags

If your tea towels have started to fray, are discoloured from staining, or generally look as hygienic as a sink full of chicken juice it’s time to bin them. Fresh, colourful tea towels are just another small thing that can brighten up the kitchen and make it look a bit homelier.

Handle things differently

If you can’t afford new kitchen cabinets or don’t want to paint them you can still afford to breathe a little bit of new life in them simply by unscrewing the handles and replacing them with something more to your taste.

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