Install Water Softeners to Remove Water Hardness

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You may have found some hard substance flouting the inner surfaces of your pipes, it’s not an insect or dirty object flushed but hard water. Since last forty years, the World Health Organization has been raising the concern about the sodium or hardness levels in the drinking water. But the concern is not whether the sodium level in the water is harmful or soft water is more useful. Actual cause is the UK’s regulation requirement for safe drinking water that necessitates that sodium level should not be more than 200 mg/l and thus water softeners come as a handy solution to remove its hardness.

Water becomes hard due to the excessive presence of calcium, magnesium and other minerals and these minerals spurt out like scale which gets build up towards the inner portion of pipes, water heaters, tea, kettles, coffee makers and other machinery. The scale decreases the flow of water through pipes and since it is not a good conductor, it makes the pipes clogged. Secondly hard water also decreases the soap’s ability to lather, in the shower, sink, dishwater or washing machine. The so called reaction is caused with the soap to generate a sticky scum.

The hardness in the water can be controlled in many ways like distillation or through the process of reverse osmosis or by adding a packaged chemical softener like sodium carbonate or powdered borax or passing it through a water softener. Getting the water filtered through filtration process in sink taps and refrigerator water dispensers improves the taste of water, but it is quite costly and not a practical solution. Packed chemicals make the water soft in small batches but it distorts its purity level making the same unsuitable for drinking. In certain cases, some phosphates contained in the same can also harm the environment. The only respite to all these troubles is nonetheless water softener. It is the best solution provider which can eradicate minerals in the water.

Though there are certain descaler addresses also which solve the damage being caused by the scale buildup yet they are not proven methods and do not give adequate results. So it is better not to use the same. Thus it becomes evident why water softeners are so popular. Moreover they are not only easy on the pocket but also the most effective way to eradicate all harmful minerals from water.

If you are looking for a water softener, Harvey Water Softeners are best for you. These machines are the result of years of hard work and scientific endeavours of British engineers to give you the best results.

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