Interior design trends for 2012

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Design trends change from season to season, year to year and decade to decade. Design may refer to fashion, architecture or interiors but each equally goes through transitions and metamorphoses to evolve as time passes. These changes make design so interesting; it is in a constant state of flux. However, at the same time design reworks the old and blends it with new. Design trends can be interpreted in many ways and mixed around as the designer sees fit. Design is at once personal and universal.

Design trends for 2012 are the perfect example of this love of old and want for modernity. Trends this year also show how a mishmash of lots of trends and designs come together as an attractive whole. Here are three of the best interior design trends for 2012.

Perhaps because of the government’s austerity measures or maybe simply because ‘it was time’, utilitarian, recycled, industrial looking designs are hot property in 2012. Sold wood combined with bare metal, minimalist decoration and austere furnishings make this not exactly the most cosy interior trend of the year, but definitely one of the most stylish. Achieve this look yourself with contemporary internal doors from Todd Doors that have a minimalist look – untreated oak internal doors will work best. Add some work stools and work benches and, if you dare, paint your hard wood flooring black.

Craft and folk
Crochet blankets, embroidered cushions and patchwork quilts give interiors a homespun feel in 2012. Feminine colours of lilac, pink, lavender, and cotton blue are used for floral designs on curtains, tablecloths, cushions, sofas and seat covers. This look can go very wrong and look more like something Mrs Bucket would choose, but done correctly it can give homes a friendly, romantic, country look.

Clean lines, lots of colour and angular furniture make this one of the most attractive trends of the year. Kitsch accessories such as retro radios, food processors and teacups and saucers add life to this cool looking trend. Ditch fussy furniture, add block colour and refocus your living space around the radio not the TV.

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