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The Main Difference between a Door Lock and a Car Lock

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Doors, doors, doors, and how many doors have people entered today or in the last week, never mind a lifetime! Most doors are ones that we enter through without hindrance, and then there’s the doors (usually of a personal nature, e.g. the home), where access is denied, unless in a person’s hand there is the magic key, or card. There are many differences between different kinds of locks to secure property, and here we are going to take a look at two of them; a basic residential home door lock and a car lock.

Pin & Tumbler Cylinder Locking Mechanism

The most common lock used by most residences, is the pin-and-tumbler locking system. This has a set of spring-loaded pins, which are loaded into a set of small cylinders. Each cylinder contains a bottom part, called a pin, and a top part, called a driver. After the introduction of the key and then turning, the springs will be squeezed down as the key lifts the pin, pushing the driver into the upper chambers of the cylinder. When the right key is inserted into the lock, the bottom and top pins align the space between them around a track called a shear line.


When all of the pins and drivers are aligned to clear the way for the shear line, the key will turn. When the key is not in the lock, the pins should all be back in the chamber. The wrong key will not align with one or more of the locking spring-loaded cylinders, thus blocking the key from turning, by placing at least one of the pins or drivers in the way of the shear line.

Car Power-Door Lock activator

This system is quite simple and not as complicated as the above lock. It unlocks the doors when the correct signal code is given from the key fob remote. A small electrical motor then turns a series of gears. The last gear drives a rack-and-pinion gear set that is connected to an activator rod. This then converts the rotational motion of the motor into linear motion, which is necessary to move the lock. And there it is, access or if in reverse, locking. If anyone is living in the Western Australia region and requires a reputable car locksmith in Perth, make sure to contact only the best.

Skilled Locksmiths to the Rescue

Residential locksmiths are probably the busiest of all locksmiths and there is a big request for their services, every day, be it to get into people’s homes, fit new locks, or just assess what’s required for a safe living spot. For a quality, qualified locksmith, simply click here and have no regrets. There are quite a large number of people also losing or misplacing their car keys and remotes every day, so there is also a busy market going on there too. Assessment in this field for locks is rare on cars, as most people trust the locks which came with the car.


Each of the different types of locks brings something unique and requires a special set of abilities. Usually, locksmiths are experts in only one area, but there are also affordable and qualified specialists out there who can work professionally in both areas, just as well.

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