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Painted or plain wooden beds ? Which is best ?

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Having a wooden bed is a luxury that many of us can now afford, due to the great cut prices on the market, especially from bedstar.co.uk. But choosing between a plain wooden bed or a painted wooden bed can put you in a bit of a pickle. They key is to weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of both.

Painted wooden beds are at the end of the day easier to maintain. Due to the gloss finish of the paint you can easily wipe them down and keep them looking as good as new with minimal effort. Plain wooden beds on the other hand are harder to keep clean and in good nick. You really do need to polish the wood and certain cleaning products do not work on plain wood, resulting in a bit more of a tedious cleaning regime.

Painted wooden beds also give you the option of different colours. You can have the quality of a wooden bed with a colour that suits your bedroom and quite often your personality. At bedstar.co.uk you have wooden beds that are white, black and even bright red (found in the children’s range). Colourful bed frames can really brighten up your day and give you that ‘get-up-and-go’ that we so often need in a morning.

However, does having a painted wooden bed defeat the object of having a wooden bed? Why not just opt for a plastic or fabric bed that is colorful ?

Having the wood shown in all its glory is perhaps the reason many chose to have wooden beds. You can see the grain of the wood and feel the smooth yet firm texture of the natural material. It is also worth pointing out that due to different wood stains and varnish you can get different gradients of colours for your plain wooden bed. You could have a very dark stain, or an extremely light one. Also the wood is treated, meaning it is hardwearing and can be cleaned easily.

In a nutshell either one is preferable, it comes down to deciding what is best for your needs. Evaluate your bedroom; who is using the bed, does it need to look like a wooden bed, or to be as strong as a wooden bed ?

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