Planning a Perfect Kitchen

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Kitchen is that key area in the house which actually turns it into a home, where most families spend time together, entertain their guests and share happy moment with the loved ones. An attractive interior decor is essential for any kitchen, but it is more important to know that how your kitchen works. The way you layout the kitchen design is directly proportional to how easily and efficiently you will able to use the space. An inappropriate kitchen plan can restrict the foot traffic and can even cause hindrances in your cooking area, which is a major reason for numerous people to lose interest while cooking. So, efficient and apposite planning for your home interior is very important, as it also makes your home look elegant.

How to plan your kitchen?

The most important aspect involved when designing a user friendly and trendy kitchen space is the layout of a work triangle. Now you may be baffled with the word “work triangle”. In any kitchen space, there are three main sections, which include stove burner, refrigerator and the sink area. Once you plan the floor map, you must reflect upon these three components and check whether they are actually forming a triangle or not.

Another important aspect while designing a kitchen plan is reflecting upon your work space. Your cooking and eating counters should be well planned and should be of an appropriate width. If there is a space constraint and you are not able to find enough of work space near the three essential components, then you must consider planning your space again. If you are short of space, then you can go in for a multifunctional work space that can be easily achieved by having a kitchen island. This provides enough of storage apace and also serves as an eating counter.

Different Kitchen Shapes 

The base plan of any kitchen directly or indirectly depends on the shape of your kitchen. There are different types of shapes available from which you can opt for something that can suit your budget, taste and requirement.

  • Galley Shape: This is an ideal shape for kitchen when you are short of space. In these types of plans, the wall runs parallel to the work triangle, so you need to ramble less when working. Moreover, it is an efficient way to save space. However, galley shapes do not work well, when there are more than three people working in the kitchen, as it hampers foot traffic.
  • U Shape: This is an ideal shape for kitchen, where you will not get distracted from other activities happening in the house and can concentrate on your cooking job. This plan also provides the best work triangles for the kitchen and makes cooking experience even worth.
  • L Shape: This one of the most preferred kitchen plans, as it helps to save a lot space. The two main components of the work triangle are positioned along the similar wall, in this plan and it offers more space for entertaining the guests, as one side of the kitchen is open to the adjacent room.

Apart from this, it is vital to choose the right kind of flooring, as it makes the space look comfortable to work and offers easy access to different corners of your kitchen. So, tag along this word of advice and plan your kitchen beautifully.

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