Don’t be Caught out in the Cold – Prepare your home ready for Winter

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If you’re like many people you wait for the first nip in the air and then realise that you haven’t fixed those draughts that drove you quietly mad last Winter or you haven’t got round to add another layer of dressing to your windows to help conserve precious heat within your home. The warmth of Summer may still be with us, however, don’t get caught out in the cold this Autumn and Winter prepare your home now and you’ll reap the benefits when the first frosts arrive.

Obviously the first thing to do is identify where the draughts are coming into your rooms, typically this will be from your windows and between floorboards, plus of course any blatantly obvious holes in your walls! Letter-boxes are also notorious for being very draughty, so either tape it down or fit a new one. Before you go around blocking up all visible holes, be careful not to block ventilation blocks as they’ve been included for good reason – this is especially important if you have an open fire or a gas fire. Blocking off ventilation bricks can also cause damp and encourage mould growth, neither of which are good for your health.

The place which will provide you with extra warmth is your window, even if you have double glazing heat loss via windows is evident in most homes, so you’ll need to add extra layers to help retain the heat inside rather than heating the entire street! Think of it along the lines of adding another blanket to your bed or putting on a jumper when your cold.

There are a number of ways you can add layers to your windows without them looking too bulky and cumbersome. Terrys Fabrics Curtains are available fully lined, and choosing these can be the first line of your defence against the cold air and draughts filtering their way into your rooms. Full length curtains with a thermal lining are also advised as they can stop cold air from creeping under the bottom, particularly if your curtains brush the top of your flooring or are a little too long so that they pool onto the floor naturally.

You could also give your windows another layer by using thermal roller blinds in conjunction with fully lined curtains – this window dressing combination provides your windows with three different layers – the thermal blinds, the curtains and the lining – all playing their part in helping to keep your home warm.

Although it may be psychological the colours your choose for your window treatments can also make you feel warmer – choosing warm colours for your window dressings and soft furnishings, such as ruby reds, Autumnal golds and mid-tone oranges can make you feel warmer and although not an actual additional layer you could include say that the colour you choose counts as one!

So, don’t delay or make excuses this year, change the style and or colour of your window dressing and you’ll feel warmer this Winter. Furthermore you may also save money on your fuel bills as you’ll be able to turn your heating down a degree or two!

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