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Put Your Multifunctional Space on Wheels

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When space is tight, sometimes you have to make one room serve dual or even triple purposes. One simple secret to making that multifunctional area work seamlessly is to make use of mobile furniture. The quickest way to do this is to put as many pieces as you can on caster wheels.

Switch Between Tasks

Many homeowners use that extra room in their home as a craft or office space. Whether work or leisure, these chaotic tasks can sometimes have you moving constantly. Supplies you need may be stored in more than one cabinet, while the workspace is halfway across the room. While one solution may be to use a chair on wheels to zip around the room, you can increase your productivity further by making the storage cabinets mobile.

By having all your craft supplies in rolling cabinets, you can move them closer to the workspace so they’re in easy reach as you need them. Once you’re done, they slide back out of the way.

Move Furniture

Another reason you may need to wheel furniture away is in spaces that transform. Allocating a guest room to a den or office is a clever way to ensure no space goes wasted. A table on wheels can be rolled back to allow a convertible couch to be unfolded. Furniture that the guest may not need can even be removed and place in other areas of the home until the visitor has gone home.

Clean Easy

The floors beneath furniture are often forgotten when it comes time to clean. The main reason this happens is that some pieces are cumbersome to move. When items are on wheels, you’re more likely to slide them back when you’re sweeping or mopping, and that way the surface stays clean and maintained.

Space planning can be difficult when room is limited, but it doesn’t have to be stressful. Take advantage of the benefits of wheels and keep your project moving forward.

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