Renovate and Re-use: Redecorating your Home on the Cheap

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No matter how well we look after our homes, they all need a bit of sprucing up from time to time; wear and tear inevitably takes its toll, while styles which were once all the rage soon look tired and dated.

For many of us, however, the current economic climate is not the time to be thinking about spending money on dramatic refits; you could put yourself into financial difficulty, or worst-case scenario, you run out of money with a job half-finished. Yet that doesn’t mean you necessarily have to put up with your home decor the way it is – there are ways to brighten up on a budget.

Revitalise tired furniture

If you have old wooden furniture, or upholstered chairs which have seen better days, ask yourself whether they really need to be replaced. You can get remarkable good results by stripping back wood for a more natural look, or adding a fresh lick of paint for something more dynamic. The same goes with your doors – strip away that chipped paint, add an ornate iron handle (firms such as Ironmongery Direct are a good place to start) and you’ve got a striking, country-style door with minimal outlay. Even window frames can be dealt with in this way. As for upholstered chairs, if the frame is sound the upholstery can easily be replaced to give you another 20 years of use.

The walls

Rolls of beautifully decorated wallpaper can be expensive, and costs add up when you look to paper all your walls the same way. Can you achieve the same impact with paint? Or what about a feature wall? Papering just one wall and adding complementary paint to the others can create a striking, high-impact look when used effectively.

The floors

There’s no getting around the fact that once carpeting is past its best, it needs to be replaced. Washing doesn’t remove the most stubborn stains, and it certainly doesn’t replace the worn patches in the most commonly-used areas. But do you really need carpet? Laminate flooring is a cheaper option and what’s more, it’s easier to clean and much longer lasting. If you add a rug you can still enjoy that cosy, homely feel without paying for full carpeting – or having to live in fear of spillages!

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