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Simple ways to improve home security

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A person’s home is meant to be their castle – an impregnable space of safety and security. Sadly, all too often, this situation is broken by intruders or burglars who enter the property to take whatever they can lay their hands on. It is not an ideal situation, but it is one that can be guarded against. Most people will have some sort of security plan in place – burglar bars are usually pretty standard, and so too are alarm systems. But there are plenty of other angles that can be employed to ward off unwanted visitors. Here are a few ideas that you might want to consider implementing.

Use a security company

Armed response companies are becoming an increasingly common feature of most urban environments. They are a very good deterrent and they often offer a range of very useful services. Before contracting with a company make sure that you ask the right questions. How many vehicles do they have operating in the area? Do they have men going around on foot? Are medical services part of the package? What is the ratio of guards to clients in the area? Visibility is a very important component of residential policing so regular patrols Adelaide, be it on foot or in cars is very important. Remember, as much as these companies advertise themselves as armed response units, their primary goal should be to prevent crime in the first place.


It is always a good idea to let criminal elements in the area know what is going on. Get your message out there – be it on your property or in the broader community at large. Signs that warm of dogs, the presence of cameras or of the fact that it is a high-security area are all important. The key is to get the bad elements thinking twice. You might not have dogs or cameras, that doesn’t matter; the important thing is to plant the seed and sow some doubt in their minds.


Everybody knows that dogs are a great deterrent. They are territorial, and they bark which makes them the perfect early warning system in the event of intruders. But other animals are also options. Geese and peacocks are both loads, aggressive and territorial. Some people use the threat of snakes or even bees while pigs have also been known to make great protectors. Burglars have almost certainly encountered dogs before, but when it comes to other creatures they will be more of an unknown factor, and chances are the mere hint of aggressive birds or reptiles will be enough to deter anyone from entering the premises.


Look at planting things with thorns in areas of the property that you think are security weak points. A nice thorny creeper or some roses against a fence or outside a vulnerable window are very good ways to keep out intruders. It is one thing for a burglar to negotiate an electric fence or a high wall, it is quite another to wade through the branches and thorns of a creeper or tree – plus, the plants look a whole lot more attractive than bars and fences.

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