Single Vs Double beds-are single beds back

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Over the years it has become the norm to have a double bed even when there is only one person sleeping in it. The reason for this is the decrease in price of double beds and people becoming used to having more space when they sleep. But are there advantages to sticking to single beds if only one person is meant to be sleeping in the bed?

The first advantage is the obvious price difference. Although double beds are cheaper than they were, they are still not as cheap as single beds. Single beds can easily be bought from for under £150. Just think what you could buy with the £100 you will have saved by not buying a double bed. You could afford a new wardrobe, or put it towards a flatscreen TV for your room. Surely this can only be seen as a good thing?

As far as your children are concerned there is no need for them to have a double bed. If I were to put my little ones in a double bed they would get lost, and I would have to spend half the morning searching the sheets for them! Children are naturally smaller than adults, so they certainly do not need a double bed that is designed to fit two full-grown adults. As hard as they may try to get a larger bed you should put your foot down and state the fact that single beds are cheaper, therefore leaving more money for those all-important toys and adventure trips.

Finally single beds will create more space in your home. Once your bedrooms are not full of bed you will be able to use the rest of the space to have storage or a play area for your children. Although bedrooms are for sleeping in they are also for living in. It is equal half and half the amount of time spent in the bedroom. You spend the day awake and you spend the night asleep on your bed. You need that space.

So save yourself a few pennies by switching to single beds by visiting and you will be laughing all the way to the bank.

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