That perfect guest room

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When you have purchased your dream house, be it a mansion or a little cottage, you will find that you will often want to create a guest room as well as your other bedrooms.

The need for a guest room is perhaps one that some do not understand, but for those of us who enjoy hosting, or have a large family that often visits, we will want a room that is designed specifically for guests.

Obviously the most important aspect of a guest room is the bed. The room is there so that your guests can stay the night in comfort; not on your floor, or on your sofa. So, you need a guest bed that is comfortable, adaptable and easy to maintain.

As a general rule of thumb, if you have a large enough guest room then opt for a double bed as this allows for couples to stay as well as single guests. The double bed is ample size for anyone wanting to stay over in your home. Then add a nice throw, cushions and extra fluffy pillows and you will be better than some hotels!A good solution would be a nice day bed which can double up as a regular seat during the day.

With the bed sorted you can then concentrate on the rest of the room. You will need some sort of storage area / piece of furniture. A wardrobe is always a nice thing to provide, but if you are lacking in space after putting in the double bed, then opt for a chest of drawers, which is just as useful to your guest as a wardrobe would be.

Then you are free to ‘dress-up’ the room. A vase of welcoming flowers is always a hit, and perhaps a few paintings on the wall to give it that homely feel. A television allows your guests to wind down at the end of the day, or maybe you can provide a small set of shelves with a few interesting books on them.

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