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The Pros and Cons of a Commercial MVHR System for Offices, Schools, and Retail Units

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Providing heating for a commercial space, whether it is an office or a retail unit, is expensive. Energy bills are significant in large buildings. Each time people enter and leave the building, they open doors and let cold air in and heat out. You may also experience issues with air quality in a busy workplace.

A commercial mechanical ventilation and heat recovery system is ideal for offices, schools, and retail units. You can find out exactly how an MVHR system works by visiting the following link: https://www.bpcventilation.com/commercial-heat-recovery, but in this article, we are going to look at the pros and cons of installing such a system in a commercial space, starting with the pros.

Improve Air Quality

There is often a lot of pollution in the air inside commercial offices, schools, and retail units. Many units are in areas with heavy traffic, so CO particles and other environmental contaminants will be circulating around. Other sources of contaminants include toner cartridges inside laser printers, which emit microscopic dust particles, and pollen, which comes in via open windows and doors.

An MVHR unit extracts stale air, cleans it, and circulates it back through the building. Contaminants such as pollen and toxic particles are removed, so you always have clean, fresh air. It’s much better for the building’s occupants.

Recover Heat on Cold Days

Much of the heat generated on cold days is lost when cold air comes in from outside. This is a huge waste of energy. With an MVHR system installed, heat is recovered, and indoor environments stay warmer for less energy expenditure.

More Environmentally Friendly

Many businesses place a priority on trying to be as ‘green’ as possible. They recycle paper, encourage employees to work from home, and ask everyone to switch off lights and IT equipment when not in use. This is great, but installing a commercial mechanical ventilation and heat recovery system will reduce your carbon footprint even further. You can be proud of your green credentials, which helps boost your brand with eco-conscious millennials.

Save Money

A commercial MVHR system is cheaper to run than a conventional heating system. You will notice the savings on your energy bills immediately, which is a plus. Whilst it will take some time to recoup the cost of the initial investment, this is less of a problem in a commercial building, which is typically occupied in the long-term.

Here are the cons of installing a commercial MVHR system:

The Cost of Installation

Depending on the size of the system, it can be expensive to install an MVHR unit, but the savings make it a worthy investment.

MVHR Systems Not Always Suitable for Retrofitting

It can be tricky installing a new heating system in an older building. Pipes don’t always run in the right places, walls are thick, and there are other issues to contend with. Retrofitting an MVHR system can be problematic for all of these reasons. It also requires space. Where possible, install an MVHR system in a new-build.

Always speak to a reputable supplier before installing an MVHR.

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