Traditional headboards

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When decorating your bedroom, you might opt for a traditional headboard. Headboards are the focal point of any bedroom so choose wisely. The particular headboard you choose will help set the tone for your bedroom. There are many different headboards that you can choose from.

One traditional kind of headboard is the leather headboard. This type of headboard exudes a masculine feel. The specific style of leather headboards can vary. You might choose a solid leather one or perhaps want one that adds more interest. Some leather headboards come with tufting which adds to the appearance of the headboard. You can also combine the look of leather with wood in your headboard. For example, your headboard might have a frame constructed of wood but leather might be used for the inset pieces.

Metal headboards are another sort of traditional headboard. These can be constructed of attractive metals like iron or brass. These headboards also have designs that add intricate patterns. For instant, if might include curvy lines or perhaps some metal embellishments like posts or finials. Like leather headboards, metal headboards can also incorporate wood adding visual interest. The colour of the metals in these headboards can also vary from antique bronze to nickel, gold or silver. This makes it easy to find a metal that matches your decorating colour scheme.

Some traditional styles of headboards may be fabric covered. This style is used in many modern decorating plans. While some of these fabric covered headboards might be simply fabric covered, others might be tufted to create some detail to the headboard. Typically, the tufted fabric headboard will provide you with more a design than simply the covered headboard with its simple and straight lines. The type of fabric used in making the headboard can also have a large impact on the room’s overall design. For instance, a rich heavy fabric like velvet can give the room a luxurious feel.

The headboard that comes with a four poster bed is also a classic. Rooms with higher ceilings look even better with a four poster headboard. Since there is vertical space, the eye can be easily drawn upward.

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