Turning a House Into a Home

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So you have just found a new house. Congratulations! This can be an exciting time – I should know – I have just done it myself. As someone who is very interested in accessories, I found that my new flat did not feel like home.

I believe that until you have been able to accessorize your new place and add your own flair, it doesn’t feel like home. Plain walls and empty shelves make a place feel like it doesn’t have residents. Here I will advise you on how to avoid this.

piece of artOne great way of making a place feel like home quickly is to choose a piece of art that reflects you – something that appeals to your particular sense of style. Give a lot of thought to what you want to have on your wall, as a painting can change the dynamics of a room completely. I like this particular piece as I love bright colours. I am a vibrant person so this reflects me perfectly. It would also look fantastic in a number of rooms – really, any colour that appears in this painting.

Rugs can also be a fantastic way of making a place feel homely – this is because they break up the carpet a little. They are also the sort of thing that wouldn’t be provided by the landlord, even in a furnished flat, so the decision to buy a rug makes it feel like you have put thought into the aesthetics of the place.

fashionable shelvesAnother good way to make a place feel like home is to mount some fashionable shelves or shelving units and fill them with everything that you hold dear. Finding a way to display important things to you, whether that’s, photos, trophies, sentimental gifts, family heirlooms, etc. is a good way of making your new accommodation feel more like home, as it adds an element of personality and sentimentality.

I promise you – as someone who has just gone through the moving process. These things are a sure-fire way of personalizing your place and turning it from a house into a home.

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