Wet Rooms, a great solution to clean your bathroom

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Wet rooms are a great solution to cleaning the bathroom as the name suggest a wet room is a water tight room enabling water to be splashed or sprayed anywhere without causing damage. If you have a young family you may want to consider a wet room as there is no fear of baths over flooding or showers spraying walls.

Wet rooms are designed so as all the water is drained through the floor for this reason wet rooms have to have a single drain in the floor. The most important factor with wet rooms is that the floor slopes towards the drain allowing any water in the room to be drained easily through the drain. You will need to have some protection at the entrance to a wet room a step of 2 inches should be sufficient to stop any water from escaping.

Wet rooms will almost always be tiled from top to bottom excluding the ceiling all plumbing for showers and basin will have to be carried out before tiling so make sure you know your design layout. The basic requirement for wet room is a shower a basin and a heated towel rail it is best to avoid bathroom furniture in a wet room if you do need some storage use metal or plastic shelves as these won’t get water damaged. You are able to purchase shower base wet rooms kits which will make the job of installing a shower much easier.

Waterproofing kits are available to ensure that your wet room is completely water tight these are fitted where the floor meets the wall and also where wall meets wall. You will need to fit this before you start to tile any areas. If you don’t want to use tiles you can get specialist walling and flooring that will work just as well.

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