Guest Bathroom Needs

5 Things Every Guest Bathroom Needs

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For guests to feel comfortable in your home, they need enough privacy. This often entails having a guest bedroom and bathroom prepared for them. Having their own bathroom can make your guests feel more comfortable and make their visit even more enjoyable. To facilitate this, we have made a list of some of the essential things your guest bathroom needs to make your visitors feel comfortable.

Guest Bathroom Needs
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Enough Natural Light

Dark bathrooms can feel claustrophobic and depressing while bright bathrooms seem cleaner and are more relaxing. Opening the blinds to let a little natural light in is a great idea. For privacy, you can add some stained glass or drapes that let in light while being part of your bathroom decor.

If the windows are small, clean or change the light fixtures or consider adding floor lamps.

Fresh-cut Flowers

Flowers serve the dual purpose of making a space feel like home and a space smell nicer. Setting up a few flower vases before your guests arrive will make them feel special, boost their mood, and make the bathroom smell nice.

While white flowers are a great option for most bathrooms because they go with different types and types of decor, adding some colorful flowers is always an option.

Enough Room and Storage Space

Here, we are talking about enough room to maneuver inside the bathroom and enough storage space for all your guests’ bathroom essentials and toiletries. Some guests will need a lot more room to get into the shower or tub, especially if they have any mobility issues. Some visiting couples may need to use different facilities inside the bathroom at the same time, and you need enough space for comfortable use of the space.

To ensure there is enough storage space, you should remove any items you have stored in the cabinets inside the guest bathroom. If you do not have enough storage space and have guests often, having a contractor like Home Pro America install cabinets is a great idea. It is also a good investment because your family can use the storage space when you do not have guests.

A Comfortable Floor Mat

A floor mat is an easy and cheap way to improve your guest bathroom’s style. Adding a nice floor mat is also a great way to ensure your guests do not have to walk on a cool floor at night. To use the mat as a decor piece, try to match it to the rest of the bathroom. Also, go for a microfiber mat as these mats are soft and dry quickly.

A Medicine Cabinet

Although it is not a good idea to stock too much medication in the home, having a medicine cabinet in the guest bathroom can make your guests’ stay better. When a headache or allergic attack strikes, your guests may be reluctant to ask for medication. Keeping common, over-the-counter medications close makes a lot of difference.

The one thing you should always strive for is making your guests as comfortable as possible. Providing a guest bathroom that is stocked with some essentials as well as some items that will make your guests’ visit better is always appreciated.

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