Lavish bathroom for the extravagantly inclined

Lavish bathroom for the extravagantly inclined

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Aren’t we all tired of the cubicle-sized bathrooms in homes with multiple floors that lack the spaciousness and the luxury provided by custom designed bathrooms that make quotidian tasks like bathing too, a pleasurable activity? This bathroom is so lavish in its allocation of space, that one could use it not only for washing and showering, but also for other activities like meditation and relaxing.

The large couch in this bathroom design has been installed for this purpose precisely. The glass wall on one side of the bathroom allows enough sunlight to filter into the room and naturally fumigate all the corners and crevasses. A shower stall contains a single jet extended from the wall while a changing room is attached to the cubicle. The floor is in white marble with matte effect that has been kept impeccably clean and disinfected. The room also has separate toilet stalls and washing areas that are attached to the shower stall.

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