Excellent Wood-Work and Storage Capacity

Excellent Wood-Work and Storage Capacity

Aug 30 • Bathroom Designs • 2169 Views • 1 Comment on Excellent Wood-Work and Storage Capacity

The first thing that catches your attention when you see this bathroom is the explicit storage areas that have been provided. There are several areas and shelve carvings to store your clothes, towels or anything which you think would be a necessary item to be included in your bathroom. A separate closet for your clothing, a separate and efficient holding area for your towels and other bathroom items are sure to make you watch and appreciate it.

Another thing which is worth noticing is the stylish wood-work that is used in the various storage spaces and closet like structures. The color of the accessories match perfectly with the coloring of the walls and thus, the absence of high contrast proves to be soothing to the eye and mind. Also, the lighting pattern is very sober and it seems very aesthetically pleasant. A simple and beautiful lamp is placed without much glare and brightness, which helps in keeping the ambience of the bathroom pleasant and relaxed.

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