A somber bathroom atmosphere

A somber bathroom atmosphere

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The bathroom is a place where a person sobers up after a day of insanity and intoxication getting involved with life’s problems and pleasures. So a bathroom should be designed with a sober atmosphere. A bathroom which is designed to have a somber atmosphere definitely scores in the interior design of a house.

A bathroom without tiles and plain ground provides a sober atmosphere to the bathroom. Screening enables flexibility in the bathroom for fresh air and sunlight. A mat definitely goes a long way in ensuring that the bathroom floor is not wet and kept dry. Some natural plants kept in the bathroom ensure that the bathroom is made up of natural surroundings and add some life to the atmosphere in the bathroom. The bathtub and containers to be kept in the bathroom are in a curvaceous shape to ensure easy flow of water, etc. and no sharp items are present in the bathroom. Go ahead and make your bathroom experience a somber experience!

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