Bath which soothes your body and soul

Bath which soothes your body and soul

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The first thing we use once we wake up in the morning is bathroom. So, inadvertently, if the bathroom design elates our mood, the chances of our day starting well go up by a big fraction. Thus, the bathroom should be spacious, elegant and designed to refresh our mind as well as our body. The bathroom floor is covered with light colored tiles to soothe our eyes.

The dressing area is elegantly designed with Victorian taps and a large gold framed mirror. The dressing table should have multiple compartments for storage of different bath and hygiene products. The lighting of the room also plays a very important role in its décor and ambiance. The intensity of sunlight which enters the bathroom should be regulated so that it doesn’t disorient a person who has just woken up. The shades on the walls should be light as vibrant colors don’t complement the décor of a bathroom. The dressing stool used should be comfortable and also go with the mood of the room.

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