Bathrooms which suit your taste

Bathrooms which suit your taste

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This bathroom has been designed not only to clean oneself but also to relax and even enjoy the bath. Leaving behind the traditional bathroom design, this bath has been built with tasteful and unique design and geometry. The walls are covered with lightly shaded tiles which complement the soft lights emitted. The flooring has been contemplated to have similar shade as that of the wall. This gives the bath a fell as if it’s built into the wall. The immediate areas next to the bath tub are free to keep the essentials.

Such baths help the people to relax and get distressed. Even the taps used are elegant and elevate the ambiance of the place. The windows have been designed to soak in as much sunlight as possible. The soft colors, texture and lights take the beauty of the bath to a whole new level. Thus, enabling you to relax and enjoy each and every bath.

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