Blue color for accent walls in a bathroom

Blue color for accent walls in a bathroom

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Your walls might not talk, but colors you select for bathroom do talk about space and its feel. Colors play one major part in conveying your bathroom’s overall statement. In addition to this, color has one functional role like making small bathroom look bigger, low ceiling looks higher or bring cohesiveness with adjoining room. With minimal investment for few color changes your bathroom can become a favorite retreat. Hence key here is to learn how to use a color correctly.

Because of a calming effect and relationship with water, blue is top color for consideration in your bathroom. This color emphasizes bath as room of retreat and relaxation. Also, blue color comes in as many shades that you can create one completely different look. In this bathroom, blue walls to which shower and bathtub are connected are giving a cool feeling. It also mixes well with wooden flooring and white bathroom fixtures. Green plant also plays its part in this lovely big bathroom in an efficient manner.

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