Smart Bathroom Concept with Twin Wash Basins

Smart Bathroom Concept with Twin Wash Basins

Jul 20 • Bathroom Designs • 4997 Views • No Comments on Smart Bathroom Concept with Twin Wash Basins

This bathroom is based on the slowly rising trend of smart bathroom concepts. It is designed with utmost care and considerations of space available. The architecture of this concept defines the fineness of the designs and accessories that are chosen to occupy the bathroom space.

Two beautifully designed sinks are provided as a part of the vanities in the bathroom. This concept of twin wash basins is a very clever one if the bathroom area has enough space available. These twin basins can enhance the aesthetic value of the bathroom because of its splendid and elegant designing. The support for both the wash basins is wall-based and the color scheme used in this design concept is soft in nature, which provides grace to the whole ambience.

The taps of the wash basin are fitted onto a wall-based glass panel. Each accessory included in the bathroom arrangement is carefully chosen and arranged so that a sophisticated look may be achieved.

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