Blue and beautiful

Blue and beautiful

Aug 10 • Bathroom Designs • 3278 Views • 1 Comment on Blue and beautiful

Interior designing has gone through a lot of makeover in the recent years. The bathroom in the above picture is a perfect example of modern interior designing. The blue color of the walls is very fresh and rare. The whole concept of the bathroom is cylindrical that can be seen in the pedestal stands of the washbasin as well as the shower capsule.

There are little hints of white and sky blue color in the bathroom that are completely blending with the dark blue shades of walls and the floor. White carpet on the dark blue floor is an elegant contrast of colors. The room is very spacious and luxurious and what makes it more comfortable is the chair in the centre of the bathroom.

All the bathroom wares are of modern design and are complementing the whole place. The room carries a royal and lavish look that will surely charm the guests and yourself.

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