Colorful and happy bathroom

Colorful and happy bathroom

Aug 12 • Bathroom Designs • 1767 Views • 1 Comment on Colorful and happy bathroom

The corner of our homes where we revive our bodies to prepare ourselves for another day full of new challenges is the bathroom. The bathroom in the above picture is full of colors that are a refreshing tonic to the eyes. The walls of the bathroom are white which is not only brightening the whole room but is also providing a background to all the colors.

The grey floor which is partly covered with the colored carpet is standing out in contrast with the white walls. The bathroom is quite spacious and the green chair in the corner makes it look luxurious at the same time. The carpet is the main attraction of the whole room and with shades of colors like blue and green it is giving a very contemporary touch to the whole setting. The complete atmosphere will not just revive you body but will revive your soul too.

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  1. This is definitely one of the most interesting bathroom designs I’ve seen all year.

    Juliette Samuel

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