A spacious yet luxurious bathroom

A spacious yet luxurious bathroom

Jun 20 • Bathroom Designs • 1422 Views • No Comments on A spacious yet luxurious bathroom

This bathroom does not consist of much equipment. It is designed in a plain manner to give more space. The bathroom has a compact bath tub that consists of the various hot and cold water fittings. The color of the bathroom is shaded grey in order to have a relaxing atmosphere. The floor is made up of white and non slippery tiles.

There is one towel handle unit. There is a beautiful chandelier on the ceiling which is of dark color so that it looks prominent. The chandelier is supposed to bring more peace to the atmosphere. The bathroom is surely going to attract executive class people as after a hard and difficult day they can relax in this bathroom and at the same time also utilize the room for reading purpose before taking a bath. The bathroom will make the people have a feel of their status and achievements.

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