A futuristic bathroom design

A futuristic bathroom design

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People these days keep going for more extravagant and luxurious bathrooms, which are treated as not only places of washing and bathing, but as centers of relaxation and meditation where one can be at peace with oneself. This particular bathroom incorporates a very futuristic style, with sleek lines and parallel surfaces that create brilliant shapes and silhouettes across the room.

The room is a delectable mix of innovative design styles and the optimal use of space. This room barely resembles the normal bathrooms we see, with luxurious design styles and rich colors dominating the walls and floor. The black of the floor nicely offsets the rest of the lighter colors of the room, creating smart contrasts. The lighting overhead is a futuristic design, with a swirly pattern that suits the mood of the bathroom quite well.

The exotic view of the city high-rises from the smooth porcelain bathtub is undoubtedly the high point of this majestic, yet sophisticated bathroom design.

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