The green and white lush

The green and white lush

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This is what is called as the good room for a bathroom. The evolvement of building one, with a green tree view, makes way for a beautiful captivity. The “Full bathroom” relinquishes its style in a wholesome way here. A perfect bathtub, a smooth faucet, the lava sink. This is a serious, making of a spa, in one’s room. The orange designer chair makes way for its utility of rest and makeup.

It is a pure relaxation room, rather than mere bathroom. The calmness touches oneself, with the outside view after every bath. A true glamour oriented room, when in comparison with those traditional bathrooms. Those, towels, cream and shampoo on the side wood, indicate freshness. Anybody, who enters will feel the aroma of freshness. The hanger at the side makes place for clothes. This is truly an eco –friendly functional transformation of bathing style.

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