A washroom worthy of kings

A washroom worthy of kings

Jun 21 • Bathroom Designs • 1476 Views • No Comments on A washroom worthy of kings

This grand bathroom is one that is undoubtedly going to turn your bathing experience into a one that befits royalty. The sheer size, luxury and the expanse of this room, coupled with the rich furnishings and accessories in marble and porcelain can only be found in five star hotels and condos, but now is available for the middle class home buyer as well.

The sheer beauty of the background, with its natural swimming area opening out into the vast stretches of the beckoning ocean is exhilarating. The porcelain bathtub with its multiple jets is a class above the rest, while the four armchairs with a marble center table add a sense of decadent luxury to this magnificent bathroom design. This outdoor bathing area is also accompanied by a bigger bathroom with all the normal facilities indoors as well. This grand luxury is for people who want to de-stress king style!

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