Elegance and luxury

Elegance and luxury

Jul 29 • Bathroom Designs • 3149 Views • No Comments on Elegance and luxury

Bathroom is that one room where a person can relax and get refreshed for another day. Many people wish to have spacious bathroom so they can decorate it with various trendy designs. Similarly, the bathroom in the above picture is a symbol of pure luxury and modern interior designs.

A blend of white and brown color is looking very elegant and formal. The brown basin on the white wall and a big white bathtub on the brown floor is a very stylish contrast of designs and colors. From the rest chair to the glass walls every single detail of the room is contributing in a complete elite look of the bathroom.

Having glass walls is kind of a fantasy for many people because it is very modern and trendy to have your bathroom parted through glass walls. In addition, the light entering through the glass brightens the whole bathroom making it look more elegant and bigger.

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