Luxury in simple white

Luxury in simple white

Jul 30 • Bathroom Designs • 3900 Views • No Comments on Luxury in simple white

White is the color that symbolizes elegance, sophistication, regality, purity and provides peace to mind. The bathroom in the above image completely has all the qualities mentioned above. The bathroom is a perfect blend of luxury and style with a very bright theme of white color.

The roof of the room is playing a vital role in ventilating as well as brightening up the whole aura with its modern design. Although the floor is simply white but the wall is a mosaic and is in contrast with the complete setting. All the other bathroom wares are elegantly assembled in the same white color. The base of the wash basin has a nice tree trunk finish and is complementing the wall.

There is also a glass wall parting the room into two and hence making it look more spacious. This luxurious bathroom is made for refreshing oneself and letting the peace of bright light in the soul.

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