Spa-Like Luxury — Adding in a Bathroom Sitting Area

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The difference between an ordinary bathroom and a truly luxurious one is the little things that change the way you experience your time in this room. A Jacuzzi tub with massage jets will completely turn the bathing experience from an ordinary wash into a pampering spa treatment. Scented candles will create an aromatherapy treatment to relax and soothe. A super-organized cabinet space will allow you to keep all of your beauty products and essentials at your fingertips, without a cluttered look. When you put all of these details together, you will create a truly stunning bathroom.


One great idea for adding a little bit of luxury to your bathroom is to add a sitting area with a bench, a couch or a couple of chairs. It might seem odd to have a sitting area in the bathroom, but this little touch will transform the room and will make it a place where you will want to spend a lot more time.

It’s a place to relax and paint your nails after a bath or read a book while your deep conditioner sets — a quiet place to chill out. Perhaps you’re used to applying your makeup while standing in front of the mirror, but what if you could sit at a comfortable vanity and doll yourself up in a well-lit and relaxing setting? Having a place to sit and relax in the bathroom makes the room less utilitarian and turns it into more of a sanctuary — an escape that is all about pampering.

The Practical Aspects

Of course, when incorporating a sitting area into your bathroom you will need to consider the practical aspects of this renovation. Is there enough room in the home and where will you position the sitting area. The bathroom will need to be big enough to make room for the extra furniture without feeling cramped or awkward.

Sometimes you will be able to create sitting space by incorporating it into the structure of the room itself, such as a bench that is positioned underneath a window. Other times, you can create a small vignette with a couch or a chair.

Also, you will need to consider the placement of the sitting area in terms of how you will be using it. Namely, if you will be using hair dryers or straightening irons while sitting at your “beauty station,” then you will want to be within reach of electrical outlets. Also, when applying makeup it is important to have the right lighting — so think about how you can illuminate the space effectively. Think about what purpose you will have for this bathroom sitting area — is it a place to sit and read a magazine while your cucumber and Aloe vera facemask sets? A place to style your hair in the morning before work? Or a comfortable couch to sit on while watching the kids in the bath?

You will also need to think about the practical characteristics of the furniture that you have chosen. Keep in mind that the bathroom is often a very humid environment, so any furniture you choose must stand up to humidity without any worry of fabric damage or mildew.

Style Considerations

Once you have figured out the practicalities of this bathroom sitting area, you can also consider its unique style. If you already have a style theme for your bathroom, the sitting area can be seamlessly integrated into it. Think about the colors that you will use and the textures of the furniture — how do they work together with the colors and textures that you have already used within the design?

You can learn more about bathroom vanities, sitting areas and furniture by making a quick search online. There are thousands of different choices, so take the time to do your research and choose the right furniture and accessories for you.

 About the Author: Laura Pierce is a freelance interior designer and blogger. Laura blogs about creative and fun home décor ideas.

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