A moment beyond description

A moment beyond description

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This is a full-fledged complete bathroom, having all facilities under one roof. The double décor glass door is amazing. The greenery from outside falls on it can be viewed from the standing shower area. The white flooring texture renders greater looks to it. The designer pots on the side make the bathroom look more vibrant and attractive. The tiles on the side, act as a symbol of purity.

The tiny faucets ensure greater looks than the larger ones. The bathtub is highly tempting, draws one nearer to it. Every soul that goes within the tub sinks deeply in thoughts. You can enjoy the true happiness of life, in the bathtub. A happier shower, each time the faucet is opened is assured. A moment of perfect utility, under the most blessed structure. Enjoying the nature’s view and sinking deep in the tub. This is what they call priceless moments of life.

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