Large Scale Bathroom

Large Scale Bathroom

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Natural light cascades inside the bathroom from the large windows and spills immensely on the carpeted floor. The bathtub takes the place of pride, creating an island view and enabling one to hang loose. The storage shelves hitched to the tub is a supplementary space for disposition.

The room has been further embedded with a glass case for shower where the glass door refuses the penetration of sunlight while creating an exuberant bathing experience. A very simple lamp light stands against a rough textured monochromatic wall giving you the notion of a sanctuary. The fawn carpet flooring imports warmth to the room. The bathroom is designed such that there is minimal usage of space thus providing the desired ample space nature to the room.

The materials, hues chosen determine positioning of the dominating bathtub and emphasize a strong influence on the mood and ambience. The calmness and luxury delivers you to a holistic world altogether.

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