The true wooden beauty

The true wooden beauty

Jul 8 • Bathroom Designs • 1530 Views • No Comments on The true wooden beauty

This is a phenomenal creation and is completely beyond one’s thinking. The bathtub is a true wonder, in the way it has been placed. It will surely make you fall in love with it. The faucets are wondrous; they look smart when attached in this shape. The ceramic white bathtub adds immense beauty and charm to the bathroom. The wooden storage boxes in white at the side are the best ones.

The cubical design looks attractive and makes everything handy. The wooden flooring looks modern contemporary. The steps to climb up to the bathtub are quiet unusual. The ceramic chair lying on the wooden floor, acts more like a resting couch. The black floor lamp is a great projector of light; it allows light to pass through, each time you bathe in the night. The green lush outside and the transparent glass makes you pop with pride.

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