The most stupendous one

The most stupendous one

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A bath the next morning after a stressed out night makes everyone feel rejuvenated and replenished. Spending at least 45 minutes here is like living on a beautiful planet. An open bathroom, with superb flooring, beautiful faucets make one feel heavenly. The best part of this bathroom is that it does not have a door. Nobody even dares to peep in. Bathing in the midst of a glass, feeling the warm water run through, from the shower is an amazing experience.

The lamp on the side adds decorative look, beaming light always. The white chairs are spacious and make you peep out and admire the outside world. You can see the world from here, but nobody from outside can see you. The tranquil moment is going to be filled with complete bliss. The table, at the end adds beauty to the place, where one can sip coffee and peep outside.

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