Advanced and Futuristic Bathroom Designs

Advanced and Futuristic Bathroom Designs

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This bathroom is a perfect example of how to arrange all the accessories neatly when a boastful amount of space is available. The bathroom design consists of all the essentials along with extra components which act as a great booster for the aesthetic appeal of the bathroom. This design depicts a studio-like appearance, which is visually very pleasing in nature.

The lighting arrangements made in this design are very innovative and unique, where the light is not too bright as compared to the ratio of the bathroom size. It is soft and elegantly poised. At the same time you will not find it too dim. The shower panel adds a futuristic and luxurious appeal to the whole setting. The design of the sink and commode also reflect the creativity employed in making them and giving them a distinguished appearance.

The contrasting of the accessories and panels with respect to the wall and flooring scheme has been perfectly executed, giving the bathroom a futuristically royal look.

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