Tastefully Designed Fittings

Tastefully Designed Fittings

Jul 18 • Bathroom Designs • 3292 Views • No Comments on Tastefully Designed Fittings

This bathroom design shows the splendid placing of the accessories and fittings in a very spacious area. The beauty of the bathroom has been enhanced by the complete white color scheme that has been used and the element that is uplifting the aesthetics of this setting is the presence of natural elements surrounding the area.

On one hand, the white color scheme provides a royal look to the bathroom and on the other hand, the carefully selected designs of the fittings give a distinct and niche feeling. The wash-basin is wall-mounted along with a big enough mirror and it has been provided with an organic shape of the pear fruit.

The bath-tub is floor mounted and has been provided with another organic shape which defines its distinction. To sum it all up, the perfectly finished fittings and the color scheme together form a princely and modern set-up to the whole bathroom ambience.

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