Graceful Ambience with Modernistic Shower Panel

Graceful Ambience with Modernistic Shower Panel

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This bathroom design exhibits a graceful ambience in synchronization with modernistic designs and accessories. The elegance of the ambience is created because of the excellently placed lighting arrangement, which is more of a reflective type and not very bright. Only an optimum amount of light is being illuminated to create that perfect amount of radiance in the bathroom.

The bathing area consists of 2 beautiful components – the bath-tub and the shower panel. The bathtub is shaped in an unconventional way but the comfort which this “boat-shaped” bath-tub will provide is incomparable. The floor mounted bath-tub will give you all the relaxation in the world that you need with a touch of modernization. The shower panel is a perfect example of futurism and class together. The shower panel console is a futuristically designed piece of art which will give you a complete feeling of luxury.

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