Simple and stylish

Simple and stylish

Jul 31 • Bathroom Designs • 3534 Views • No Comments on Simple and stylish

The bathroom in the above image is a symbol of luxury, class and elegance. Theme of this room is giving it that appeal of freshness that is needed every morning to get ready for the day or end the day. Blue and white idea of the room is very sophisticated and making the complete place very spacious.

The rest chair along the wall is also contributing in the luxuries of this room. The whole setting is very modern and stylish. The colors of the walls as well as all the bathroom wares are completely blending together in a bright contrast. Design of all the bathroom wares is very trendy and fresh.

The room is carrying a peace and calm atmosphere in itself because of its space and color. This bathroom is an ideal place to get rid of all your weariness and get ready for the day full of new challenges.

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