Elegant and luxurious bathroom

Elegant and luxurious bathroom

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The place of getting refreshed in one’s home is his bathroom. So, it is a necessity to design your bathroom in such a way that it helps you in taking off all the weariness of the day and relax. The bathroom in the image above is surely a treat to the eyes. Use of subtle colors like white and grey is a perfect example of elegance and tranquility.

The rest chair is making the restroom completely luxurious and relaxing. The trendy wooden base of the wash basin as well as the glass partition is very modern and stylish. The floor and the walls are in contrast with each other. In addition, all the bathroom wares are of similar shades as of the roof and wall. The place will look very bright in the daylight and for the dark evenings a set of three trendy light bulbs will light the whole area.

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  1. Mike says:

    Such bathrooms would look cool decorated with plants.

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