Know the space before selecting bedroom designs

Know the space before selecting bedroom designs

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There is no limit to the imagination of a tender age. This is why, there is no limit to the number of ways of designing a boy’s room. The only concern is to keep orderliness while doing the same, which is quite a difficult task in hand. But it can be made simpler if the room is designed in a dishevelled manner.

Normally a kid’s/boy’s bedroom is smaller than the master bedroom; hence there is a space constraint. Keeping this in mind, a limited number of furniture should be placed; an all in one cabin bed would be a good option. A cabin bed consists of various shelves and cupboards for books, sport’s accessories and other useful articles. Mostly boys are sports crazy; hence it is better to apply a sports theme to keep the child interested. Bed can be designed in themes like, shapes of boxing glove, f-1 car, and boxing ring and so on. To provide a real feel, the cushions, curtains and other linens should be of matching theme. To add to the ambience accessories of the related sport like punching bag, gloves, soccer balls can be placed along the roof and walls.

To give the room a disorderly-ordered look, a clothe-hanger embedded in a cabinet shall be placed along one of the walls, so that the clothes hung on wall look in order. The colour used should be in accordance with the theme used, and should be bright in colour. The walls can be decorated with the pictures matching the theme, like pictures of sport’s superstar or background of a sports arena.

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