No Frills Bedroom Design

No Frills Bedroom Design

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Peace, calm, serene. When you’re feeling blue all you need to do is get to your room and enjoy the solitude. The overall feel of the room is personified in the color scheme and simplistic elegant decor. The bed at the center of the room is a low platform one with a simple steel body that can accommodate limited weight! At the foot of the bed is a carpet that settles the look of the room. Across from the bed is a decorative piece breaking the monotony.

Focal bulbs in the ceiling in the room cover every aspect when you need more light. A neat built in shelf behind the headboard is an interesting choice providing you with options to place anything either pretty or novel. Night lamps on either side of the bed within easy reach add to the look of the bedroom design. Modern art graces the wall throwing a different color to the serene atmosphere.

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