Funky Bedroom Design

Funky Bedroom Design

Jan 21 • Bedroom Designs • 1434 Views • 1 Comment on Funky Bedroom Design

The bedroom design has a little bit of this and that. The color scheme is brilliant with a dull yellow coupled with a relatively bright one and tiger leopard prints strewn across. The platform bed limited in size makes overlooks a colorful splash of art. Indoor plants placed across and near the sun is a healthy choice. Alternatively, artificial broom plants are a contrast.

The constant circular simple lampshade is conveniently positioned near the important access points in the room creating an impressive bedroom design. A horizontal book shelf opposite the bed is an interesting choice as it doesn’t create clutter but breaks it considerably as a choice to store all the knickknacks. A funky lampshade next to the small queen size bed is a fun element for this really interesting bedroom design. Flooring as the room design is colorful. Simple colored schemed blinds arresting the glare of the sun from the horizontal windows.

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  1. harsh says:

    all pictures r very nice & beautiful.

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