A well worked out bedroom

A well worked out bedroom

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A white bedroom is an all-time favorite bedroom and matches the taste of almost everyone. The windows have a good size to let ample amount of air come in and that small vase with yellow flowers blends well and add more neutrality to the white color room. The specially crafted and designed red color lamps are blending well with the room.

The bed with zebra spikes is a perfect blending of the white and black colors in the room. The room is well crafted, even though the base color is white the color of the decors chosen blend well and actually gel up with each other signifying harmony in the room. The bed side table too is well designed and will meet multiple requirements. The broad sitting place on the window panel is surely a place to sit, relax and calm down. The dressing table is well located in the room and the blue scenery takes the room more close to the nature.

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