Bedroom design besides the momentum method

Bedroom design besides the momentum method

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In this design a 10 centimeter wooden platform is fixed for the bed. Such type of bedroom design gives a more contrast and boutique look. Rosewood quality platform that are used in this type of bedroom design also gives you a fragrant breath. Generally the height of bed is kept low and lack the momentum.

Thus there is need to give a special decoration to the wall of bed. Such decorative look can be given with the help of sheet material or upholstery. In such design wall of the bedroom are left without windows. However, artificial windows are created with decorative designs that give a pleasant feel inside the room. Besides such decorative wall design, use of textile fabric for hanging curtains gives a flower scarf look to your bed. Such type of designs gives a comfortable and warm look to your bedroom.

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  1. Viviani says:

    Today when we have done a small photo shoot session at home plnaiyg with shadow and light I was remenbering your delicate silhouette creations (see our today’s post), thanks for your lovely work.

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